Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know which size Kneesavers™ to order?

Answer: There is no simple answer to that question. In general, the 20 mm width Kneesavers™ will increase the Q factor sufficiently to solve most biomechanical riding problems associated with having the feet too narrow on the pedals. This includes the inability to toe the feet out enough, having the heels hit the crankarms or chainstays, or pain syndromes when riding that include the hip, knee, ankle and/or feet pain because the feet are not properly aligned with the hips and knees (so-called "V" positioning of the tibia and femur). This is very common with larger men and women cyclists with wide hips or who weigh more than 230 pounds. Whichever size you select, if you find you need longer or shorter Kneesavers™ after you have ridden with them for a period of time they can always be exchanged for a $5 restocking/shipping fee.


Question: How do I know which thread size to order?

Answer: Virtually all road, mountain, recumbent and hybrid bikes have 9/16" threads. Most all stationary bikes and spin trainers have 1/2" threading, although there are a few exceptions to that. If in doubt, check with the bike shop you purchased it from or the manufacturer.


Question: What about pedals with Allen wrench installation systems. Can Kneesavers™ be used with them?

Answer: It depends. Some Allen wrench pedals have a ring of metal just above the threads and one can use a vice grips to tighten the pedal into the Kneesavers™ by grasping that ring. Some do not have this capability in which case you can thread them in by hand and use Loctite on the pedal threads to hold them into the Kneesavers™. From there, it only requires a crescent wrench to tighten the Kneesaver™/ pedal assembly into the crankarm.


Question: Are the titanium Kneesavers™ as strong as the steel ones? What is the weight difference?

Answer: Yes titanium is just as strong as steel. I have never had a titanium Kneesaver™ fail, and only one steel Kneesaver™ fail in over 28 years of selling thousands of them. Steel Kneesavers™ weigh 4.8 ounces/pair while the titanium ones weigh 3.0 ounces/pair.


Question: What if I needed a different size Kneesaver™ that is longer than your stock models. Can you make a pair that is longer?

Answer: Yes we have requests for longer Kneesavers™ frequently and can custom make a pair as long as you need. We once made a pair for a 500 pound man who needed 12" of additional space on his sitdown stationary bike.


Question: Can you ship Kneesavers™ overseas or to other countries outside the USA?

Answer: Yes we ship Kneesavers™ all over the world. The only change is S & H is $14/pair instead of $4. We ship by US Postal Service and it typically takes 10 - 20 days to arrive.


Question: Do you provide Bike Fitting services?

Answer: Yes I have been performing bike fittings for over 30 years in the Southern California region. They may be done at my facility, or I can drive to your home for a fitting if that is more convenient. The cost is $195. Call (800) 548-4447 for more information or to make an appointment.


For an overview of how I do comfort-based bike fittings go to this link.


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