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Just ordered another Kneesaver (aka Footsaver). I started suffering severe pain in my right foot about two years ago. Skeptical, but desperate I installed this product on my bikes. The pain did not go away immediately, but over time it became less and less. The past year I have been riding and living pain free.

Recently I acquired another bike and began riding this bike without the Kneesaver installed. In a short amount of time I began to experience chronic pain in my right foot. I pulled the Kneesaver off one of my other bikes and installed it on my new bike. Immediately I could tell that my foot was in a much more neutral position. Again I am now riding and walking pain free. I am convinced!

Thank You,

John P. Maryland Heights, MO


"I just did my morning 20 kilometer commute to work with the Kneesavers. What can I say- Fantastic! My riding buddies have always laughed at me for constantly adjusting my right cleat as I could never get it comfortable enough and my right knee would always twinge. From one 20 kilometer ride I can tell I won't be adjusting the cleat anymore. The Kneesavers have placed me in the correct position on the bike and I am more comfortable all over. The biggest surprise was how comfortable the saddle has become. That I didn't expect. Thanks for a great product. I will be getting more for my other bikes. All the best!"

Mark B. Sydney, Australia


" I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful with exchanging the pedal extenders, and sending me a new one. I will put the left extender back in the mail today. I just bought a new bike and I love my Kneesavers so much that I wanted to get a second pair. I have lymphedema and I got them because I was having problems with snagging my compression hose on the chain ring, and at $60 a pair, I was looking for a solution. What I have found is that I ride much better and comfortably with less knee pain. Thanks again for all your help!"

Rhonda B.


I'm impressed with your fast service. I ordered on Saturday got them today (Monday). Thanks! I also like your product. I've been using one for years and I finally got sufficiently tired of switching it between my bicycles that I decided to order another one. The Kneesaver makes a huge difference on long rides.

Aaron B. - Boulder Colorado


They got here in Friday's mail. Fantastic.........they solved my ankle hitting the crankarm completely. My personal thanks for your understanding of my problem. The Kneesavers are great! Thanks for everything.

Stan Z - Frisco, Texas


Your product makes bicycling possible for me. I've used it locally as well as on 700-mile treks. This set is for my new spinner bike. Quite simply, your solution to knee pain has brought me joy. Thanks much.

Kenneth V.


I used the kneesavers that I bought previously while cycling in the Alps last summer. Fantastic! I did all the big climbs without even a twinge. (I need the 30mm for different cranks - if you were wondering).



Thanks for the Kneesavers, which came weeks ago, but I have only just got round to thanking you. Excellent results, both on the exercise and the road bikes, and I'll recommend them to everyone who needs them.

Allen / London (UK)


The afternoon that I received your kneesaver product, I immediately installed them and thought I would just ride a few blocks to see how they changed my riding experience. I ended up going all the way to the beach from Lakewood. The next day, I couldn't wait to take a longer ride, so I rode my own personal century ride (100 miles).

I can't tell you how much your product has elevated my enjoyment of getting out and riding my bike. At first I thought wow $45 is alot to pay for such a simple product, but after that first century ride, my attitude has done a 180. Your product is worth every single penny! Thank you for taking the pain out of my ride.

Fred D.


I received the 30 mm extensions. Thanks for handling these items. I put them on (used some Loc-Tite) and went for a short six mile ride. They really are just what I needed. I have a comfortable ride now.

Fred W.


I was skeptical if the Knee savers were going to help my condition of chronic knee pain while riding. After years of mountain bike racing I have patella problems and arthritis which was making riding long distances more and more painful. To make matters worse I have a toe-in condition so with age, I'm having more and more problems.


Your knee savers are really what they say.... SAVERS!!! I have ridden with them twice and have had an 85% overall reduction in knee pain caused by cycling. I'm riding a century in one week and was really concerned about the pain I would be experiencing after the first 10 miles, but I now feel so much more confident that it'll be an easier day!


Keep up the good work and please continue getting your product out to bike shops everywhere so people like myself can feel there is hope for painful knees! I'll be ordering another set for my mountain bike soon too! Thanks again!

Diane M.



Have received the Kneesavers. Excellent and fast service. W H A T a difference for size 14+ duck-feet :-) I had balance problems......Gone now! Have mounted 20 mm on the left and 25 mm on the right. I have been standing up over all hills on todays training without hitting the frame once with my heels. You are welcome to use this mail as review anywhere you like. Many thanks!

Carsten 'Duck' Damm, Denmark

P.S. And YES they have passed the 100+ kg weight-test.




Received Kneesaver today......works perfect. I have had a stroke which left me with limited use of my right leg, which is badly toed out. With your Kneesaver I am able to ride my tri-bike for exercise and get out of the house. Thanks for the great service and trust.

Steven S.


I received the Kneesavers a few days ago. I'm gradually increasing ride distance and intensity with the increased width, in case I'm yet injured from my previous tweaked riding position. I laced them on Wednesday, and put in a very casual 15 miler. It sure seems a significant improvement.

So I don't neglect mentioning . . . the workmanship on the Kneesavers is superb. I've worked as a tool and die maker and machinist most of my adult life, so I recognize good work. Most of all, both the I.D. and O.D. threads are a superb fit; no slop whatsoever.

Phil S.


Now two pair of Kneesavers will be making their way around the hills of New Zealand-which has some of the best cycling in the world. Just as well too, as the first pair has literally saved a problem knee. I have had ankylosing sponddylitis since I was a teenager, and knee problems ever since. With kneesavers and Speedplays, I'm now riding like I haven't since I was a teen.

Paul A.


I currently have the Kneesaver on my right pedal. Wow! What a difference. I no longer have cramps in my foot. They disappeared. Way to go SCOR! This product is a lifesaver, or should I say a "footsaver."

Henry K.


Enjoyed my first ride with pedal externders on my Haluzak recumbent bike this morning. They are really wonderful:

* The shoes don't rub on the cranks, which was the reason I ordered them.

* My thighs don't hit the water bottle.

* They open up a little more room in the crotch, which ain't bad on a hot day!

I must admit that I was taken back by the cost of what I thought was two bolts, but they seem to be beautifully machined and they work well, adding to the comfort and enjoyment of the ride. I'm a happy customer. Thanks for a great product!

John P.


I'm sufficiently confident the 20 mm did the trick. I've done some hill repeats the past week, and there's no question they work. I have another bike, so I'm ordering the second pair for it.

Phil S.


I just received my Kneesaver last week. I must say this little piece of metal does wonders. Of course any adjustment on an existing configuration feels a bit strange at first, but yesterday I went for a fast 40 miler and I must say that my whole leg feels much better with the Kneesaver on. Be assured that I will not hesitate to recommend your product to anyone who may benefit from it.

Manual F.


I purchased a couple of Kneesavers (Right pedal only) from you a month ago. The improvement in comfort is truly amazing. I feel a lot more relaxed on the bike and enjoy cycling like I have never before.

Max N.


Thank you. The new 30mm Kneesavers worked! I rode 48 miles today at an average speed of 13 mph. That is twice what I was able to do.

Don V.


I have just installed the five Kneesaver sets that I bought from you last August on my two recumbent trikes, two recumbent bikes and one wegee. (old Gitane circa 1973). My wife and I are pleased with the results and glad to recommend them. My wife will be 81 and I shall be 78 in November. Almost everyday we are out for at least a 1/2 hour spin.

Frank C.


Many thanks for making this product available! I have purchased five sets of the 20mm Kneesavers since 1993. These are a big help to me, but I still needed to use triple crank sets and wide bottom axles to get the best results with clipless pedals. Now that you have longer sizes, I am anxious to set up one or two of my bikes with doubles instead of triples, and really have more heel clearance.

David C.


All I can say is "Thank You!" The 25 mm right-sided Kneesaver opened the riding world. Changed it myself... old machinist got tools.

William S. III


I got my titanium Kneesavers today and have fitted just the right one to one of my training bikes. I got a spiral break to my right tibia when I was 12, (I am now 52) and as a result, have a five degree toe outward twist from the shin down. I've suffered from a sore foot after any lengthy riding since I took up cycling (road & track) at the age of 15. So for 37 years, I have waited for this product. One hour on the bike has me walking without feeling as if my foot has been crushed. I guess a few more rides are needed to prove that I am not imagining the outcome. But if true, I'll need a couple more for the trackie, the off-roader and the race bike.

Grant B.


The Kneesavers are working beautifully! I have about 1200 miles on our Airlite Trike with the Kneesavers installed. We plan on using these on every Trike that we sell.

Jamie M. /Airlite International


I received the Kneesaver yesterday. I put it on my bike for my commute to work today. My knee thanks you! I had a significant problem with riding pigeon-toed on the right side, partly because I was bowlegged. Putting on the Kneesaver straightened that foot and in my mind, I did feel like I had more power and could tolerate a higher cadence while riding.

Jeff D.


I have been using your kneesavers for over 10 years. I used to just put my feet way out on my Campy Superlegga pedals, with my tight fitting high profile Sidi "titaniums." Then came clip-less pedals, and shoes with thick plastic heel cups. I actually now use two 20mm extenders on each side. I could possibly go to the 30's, but this works. I use red floating Look cleats, and also put a small washer under my inside most cleat to tilt my foot to the outside. I twist them as far as possible to get all the available float and outward rotation. I am so glad that you guys make these Kneesavers.

Nick A.


Lot's of folks can benefit from these... we'll be sending you some business.

Allen D. MD / USAT Certified Coach, Rehab to Racing.


A little about me. I am 54 years old and own a recumbent trike. I experienced knee pain with my DF, Weggie as well as with my Catrike this last year. I spent exorbitant monies on a SRM and rotor cranks on my Catrick and the pain was still there, but much less. Just bought Kneesavers for $48.00 and the pain disappeared. I bought the 30mm (biggest size) only because I am 6'4'' tall and everything should be bigger to fit. I rode 17 miles today and was pleased.

Larry K.


I have been using these for around 10 years now and would be lost without them. Thanks for providing such a needed product.

Chuck W.


I purchased a set of Kneesavers recently and am quite pleased with them. I bought them more for the convenience of a longer pedal surface. I ride a recumbent without using pedal clips and normally ride with a very bulky shoe and a wide, thick sole. This always presented a problem with normal pedals, as the foot could not be centered on the pedal surface, contributing to fatigue in the arch of the foot. I no longer have that problem with the extenders.

Herb S.


Thanks! These work great! Now I need another set for my other bike.

Earl B.


We received our extenders. We have a tandem trike and I was having very sore knees until I read the article about Kneesavers. Having small feet, I adjust my clips out and what a difference! I have some soreness, but not pain. Anyway, I decided that it would be easier to keep my feet angled out, as my heels are very close to the sprocket. Now I have my husband trying them. Thanks for your work. I am sure that I will like them.

Nancy I.


They work! For many years we rode a tandem, my wife visibly pedaling "tweeny-toed," and she always had some discomfort with her knees and feet. After suffering through TWO frozen shoulders, which left her unable to ride an upright bike, she bought a Windcheetah recumbent last year. This solved her shoulder problem but for some reason seemed to exacerbate the foot and knee aches. I stumbled upon Kneesavers through the Roadbikerider webpage and thought they looked like a blindingly simple solution. Even before turning the cranks for the first time, the benefits of Kneesavers became apparent: she could get her feet in to the pedals instantly, with no twisting, slipping andcursing! Now my wife has done a few rides on the recumbent with theKneesavers, and all the foot and knee aches are gone. Just like that! Thanks you!!

Peter & Leslie H.


Thanks for getting back to me... I ordered a set of 30 mm's. So I am anxious to add them to the 25 mm's so that my fat legs do hit the rails and turn linkage. With Kneesavers, my riding days would not be nearly so much fun. With these on my Burley Canto, it's the greatest. Thanks for the great product!

Harry M.


I went for my first ride with the Kneesavers today. I was ready to give up cycling because of the pain I experienced when riding in the outsides of my feet and knees from my toe-out condition. All I can say is WOW! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It makes all the difference in the world. Riding my bike is a new experience. Keep up the good work.

Matthew P.


These things are a lifesaver. I wasn't able to ride for several years due to 4 knee injuries and 385 lbs. When I tried to ride again, it was so painful that I could only ride a few hundred yards. My fancy Italian bikes from the 80's were collecting dust and were headed for Ebay. I ordered a pair and was able to ride 2-3 miles right away, and more shortly after. The pain left immediately. Now I have them on all of my bikes. These are a blessing for big people, as they give just enough clearance for proper position on the bike. They are very strong and nicely name. Thanks you very much for giving me the chance to ride again.

Jim F.


Installed my right-side Kneesaver on Sunday and LOVED IT!! No longer hit my heel on the sprocket of the recumbent trike !! Now I would like to add the left side. Thanks again!

Dan S.


My first pair worked great! Now I am putting another pair on my commuter bike.

Jeff J.


I already have a pair of Kneesavers on my EZ Sport LTD. What a difference! This pair will go on my Santa Cruz Heckler Mountain Bike.

Mark H.


Thanks for the quick delivery. I got the Kneesavers on Monday morning and installed them. I did a quick 25 mile ride at 5:30 PM an they worked out great! Thanks again.

Chris T.


I've been using the Kneesavers for about 400km so far. Wow, like magic, the pain is gone. Thanks!!!

Patrick C.


Not a request for info, just a comment. I recently ordered a set of Kneesavers. These things are like manna from heaven for a duck-footed cyclist. Honestly, it felt like I had gained a gear after I installed them. This is my first season riding clipless. While I love the connection to the pedals, there was no way to set my cleats to accommodate my toe-out condition. As a result, I had to rotate my hips inward. This stressed every joint from my hips down to my feet. Being able to move my feet 30mm outward has allowed me to keep all my joints in neutral alignment and drive straight down on the pedals. Like I said, it feels like I've gained a gear. Thank you so much!

Kevin R.


The kneesavers I previously bought have now completely cured my knee pain. Brilliant! Thanks.

Paul T. - United Kingdom



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